Mama Red Songs Stripped Bare

Nov. 2 The Song Stripped Bare – Mama Red

The Song Stripped Bare: Mama Red & the Dark Blues return for their last Ellington Jazz Club performance for 2018!


Have you ever heard a song and wondered what it was really about?


Good songwriters tell universal stories that their audiences can relate to and make their own.

Like many works of art, these stories are forged in the deepest, darkest places in a songwriter’s mind, and have a deeply personal meaning.

Songwriting Stripped Bare

Join Mama Red for an evening of songwriting stripped bare where they unpack the raw passion and emotion that culminated in Mama Red & the Dark Blues’ debut album, The Wages of Sin – and the new upcoming album, Long Way to Redemption.

New Tunes, Special Guests

Put the sizzle in your summer evenings with more new tunes from their upcoming album and some incredible secret special guests.

Come and hear their stories, and you might just find your own.

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Find Mama Red & the Dark Blues at:



Insta: @MamaRedandDBs

Spotify: Mama Red and the Dark Blues – The Wages of Sin



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