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No. 23 Sgt. Hulka Forget Me Now Single Launch

Sgt Hulka Forget Me Now Single Launch, Four5Nine Friday, November 23, at 8 PM.

The brilliant songwriting talents of Kirsty Hulka and her powerful, versatile band will be showcased at Four5Nine Bar in North Perth on November 23rd. Special guest artists include Kopano, Wild Oak and Iceage Sugar. Support quality West Aussie talent and get down there.


Sgt Hulka Forget Me Now poster

Official Sgt. Hulka Press Release

Your eyes open, gummy and sore. The light hurts. Blinking hurts.

Your brain rattles painfully around inside your skull, no fluid left for padding. Maybe you’re in some strange bed, maybe in your own, but slowly the memories from last night limp back to you like lost dogs.

And that’s when the regret sinks in.

That exquisite, dreadful moment is what Sgt Hulka’s second single, ‘Forget Me Now’, is all about.

A reference to G.O.B’s dubious, memory erasing pills in Arrested Development, the stormy, keyboard-driven song ruminates on the routine of drinking too much, ranting, making terrible decisions, and then wanting to forget it all in the morning.

All About Sgt. Hulka

Fronted by veteran songwriter and keyboard player Kirsty Hulka (pic), Sgt Hulka is a brand new band currently storming the Perth music scene.

The three-piece play Indie Pop with a jagged edge in a catchy but raw style. Driven by Kirsty’s soaring, wine-soaked vocals and banging keyboard riffs, and backed by Tim Marshall on drums and Brent Gillam on bass.

What’s In A Name?

The band name comes from a nickname given to Kirsty by a high school maths teacher, who dubbed her Sergeant Hulka after the cheesy 1980s military comedy.

Far from cheesy themselves, the band is vocally reminiscent of Meg Mack, with a song-writing style like Regina Spector and the theatricality and volume of the Dresden Dolls.

The Single Launch at Four5Nine

The band launch the new single ‘Forget Me Now’ at Four5Nine Bar in North Perth on November 23rd. Sgt. Hulka will be accompanied by a litany of local legends, including Kopano, Wild Oak and Iceage Sugar, it’s guaranteed to be an evening of rocking Perth tunes.

Watch! Forget Me Now (excerpt)…

Listen! Check out Last September for a taste of Sgt. Hulka on Spotify.

Gig Sauce event info…

Date: 23rd November 
Location: Four5Nine bar (The Rosemount)
Cost: $10
Acts: Sgt. Hulka, Iceage Sugar, Kopano, Wild Oak
Doors: 8 PM

Presented by Cool Perth Nights…





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