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Is Your Facebook Event Description Working For You?

Event Descriptions: Make Your Listings Work For You.

Our #1 Tip. “Don’t assume anything”.

So, you have booked three talented bands for your big show. You have a high-resolution event image that is scaled to Facebooks’ latest image size. You look great on smartphones, tablets and desktop. Friends have been invited and you await an avalanche of hardy punters.

But is there something missing perhaps? Yes, folks, absolutely. Will your hastily written half-sentence describing your gig get hearts thumping in anticipation?

Show Your Passion!

Take the time to craft an event description that tells your potential fans what they should not miss your show. Imagine that you are conversing with punters at the door! How do you convince them that they should hand over their hard earned bucks and step inside? Get your hustle on!!

Why do all that hard work and then let yourself down by not putting in the effort to sell your giG

Our Experience

At Gig Sauce we manually check many descriptions and do see a number of sparse and mostly ineffective efforts. You do not have to be Bob Gordonesque (though it helps!) just be yourself. Take the time, make the effort. It may be the little one percenter that makes a difference. Check meister-writer Bob Gordon’s work at Around The Sound…

Need Some Help?

Maybe try reading up on how best to write something effective, or get some help. We can offer some help also so don’t be afraid to reach out. If you have booked a Premium or Featured event we will review your descriptions on your listing, but you still need to work your Facebook description. Contact us here or PM us on Facebook if you need!

Facebook Event Image Official Size @ Feb 2018

This does seem to change quite often which can be frustrating. To avoid looking a tad ordinary use the following specs. A great image can make a massive difference. Why look blurry or pixelated? Make an effort, make a difference, make your event stand out from the rest!

  • Facebook Event Image: Recommended size (Feb. 2018): 1920 x 1080 (16:9 Ratio)



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