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Graham Greene & D’Verse Double Showcase – The Civic

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Date(s) - 24/01/2019
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The Civic Hotel


D’Verse | Graham Greene Band

• Now is your chance to catch D’Verse and get your intimate sneak peek of the new, stripped back show featuring new material and some old Dark Universe faves reworked and taken to new horizons.

• Graham Greene returns to the stage with his band in 2019 to showcase tracks from his current album, Rage of the Innocents, as well as playing a selection of favourites from his impressive catalogue of past recordings. Rock mastery at its symphonic best, performed with flash, style and humanity.

***** Press Release 17.12.18 *****

Harkening back to the days and nights of affordable entry fees and industry nights where people came out in droves for the sounds of great live music and catch-ups with good friends in venues filled to the brim, the Double Showcase show being held at the Civic Hotel on Thursday, January 24 with an affordable $5 cover charge, is set to be a great night to remember for the Summer of 19!

Hailed as two of Perth’s leading exponents of electric guitar and, although an overused term in recent years, world-class independent song-writers across decades, the Graham Greene Band and Jaime Page’s new side-project with Donna G, D’Verse are inviting you back to the energy of a hot fun and entertaining night of new live music for old friends, industry folk and music lovers alike at their Double Showcase.

Who’s on first:
D’Verse 8:30 – 9:30

Jaime & Donna’s D’Verse evolved from their musical unity in Jaime Page’s Dark Universe and a conversation in mid-2018. While roads continue to be traversed off-shore for Dark Universe, its sister-act D’Verse has given the dynamic duo an opportunity to have some fun exploring a brave new musical world for the pair and so the new writing journey began.

Three songs from the Dark Universe repertoire have been revisited and bought forward into new remakes for the D’Verse realm. Letting Go, If and Deepest Black have been given secondary lives in a new setting with the latter developing into a follow-up song, “Deepest Black Part 2 – Spirals”.

D’Verse has received complimentary feedback with their songs and sounds quoted as being reminiscent of everything from Eurythmics meets Bowie meets Collins, Kate Bush, Def Leppard, to Chrissy meets St Vincent and more, and yet remain unique to the D’Verse duo. The pair’s hearts, souls and panache continue to brim mercilessly throughout their 11 fresh, relatable new tracks.

Currently in recording, songs range from the beautifully heart-warming “Hearts” and the radio-friendly “Why Can’t I Be You”, to the uplifting and upbeat “Love X”, pop/rock of ”Pandora’s Box (Love Will Find You)” and the floor pumping “Runaway Girl”, “Resist” and “Turn Up The Party”.

D’Verse has successfully reinvented themselves and boast a new mainstream appeal. Their new EDM signature is ready to write its new musical stories across your hearts and under your feet!

What’s on second:

Graham Greene Band 9:45 – 10:45

Returning to the stage after a year away from the circuit to record new material, Graham Greene, with his recognizably global sound, will be performing soundscapes from his latest album release, Rage of the Innocents among favourites from his previous work, The Guitar Vinci Code. The Graham Greene Band set will also include additional fan favourites from his back catalogue, including a special treat for old Resonance Project fans.

While ‘The Satriani of The South’ has been coined by Australian journo’s for over a decade to describe Greene’s music, his trademark sound, writing and showmanship remain unique to this craftsman who shines his own inimitable light in the company of such instrumental guitar greats – and he’s a down-to-earth, top bloke!

Quotes from ‘Rage of the Innocents’ album reviews

100% Rock Magazine
“Rage of the Innocents boasts more of his stunning virtuoso guitar playing – he wasn’t labelled ‘The Satriani Of The South’ for nothing – and an epic feel – a grandiosity on a cinematic scale, begging the question, why aren’t Hollywood producers knocking down his door to score their blockbusters?” 10/10

The Rockpit
“As a collection of music ‘Rage’ does what all great instrumentals should do – convey not just the light and shade but the depth of the shadows as well as evoking an emotional response in the listener. What I love about Greene’s work is that, like Satriani, he paints landscapes and builds stories, conjuring images out of sound and holding them there before sweeping you onward.”

“I honestly believe that this may be Greene’s masterwork, though I’d hasten to add the postscript ‘so far’…”

More info for the “Double Showcase” being held at The Civic Hotel, Inglewood on Thursday, January 24 can be found on the facebook event page.


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