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Is Your Facebook Event Description Working For You?

Event Descriptions: Take The Time To Do It Better

So you have booked three talented bands for your big show. You have a high-resolution event image that is scaled to Facebooks’ latest image size. You look great on smartphones, tablets and desktop. Friends have been invited and you await an avalanche of hardy punters.

But is there something missing perhaps? Yes, folks, absolutely. Your hastily written half-sentence describing your gig hardly gets hearts thumping in anticipation!

Show Your Passion!

Take the time to craft an event description that tells your potential fans what they should not miss your show. Imagine that you are conversing with punters at the door! How do you convince them that they should hand over their hard earned bucks and step inside? Get your hustle on!!

Our Experience

At Gig Sauce we manually check many descriptions and do see a number of sparse and mostly ineffective efforts. You do not have to be Bob Gordonesque (though it helps!) just be yourself. Take the time, make the effort. It may be the little one percenter that makes a difference. Check meister-writer Bob Gordon’s work at Around The Sound…

Need Some Help?

Maybe try reading up on how best to write something effective, or get some help. We can offer some help also so don’t be afraid to reach out. If you have booked a Premium or Featured event we will review your descriptions on your listing, but you still need to work your Facebook description. Contact us here or PM us on Facebook if you need!

Facebook Event Image Official Size @ Feb 2018

This does seem to change quite often which can be frustrating. To avoid looking a tad ordinary use the following specs. A great image can make a massive difference. Why look blurry or pixelated? Make an effort, make a difference, make your event stand out from the rest!

  • Facebook Event Image: Recommended size (Feb. 2018): 1920 x 1080 (16:9 Ratio)


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So your band has a gig, what comes next?

Is Your Band Ready To Rock, But You Need An Audience?

At Gig Sauce we know what it is like to start a band, try to get gigs and get actual people to come to them. We have been there and done that, many, many times as musicians or promoters.

A Litte Help From Your Friends

Here are some little words of advice that may help you on your way based on some of our experiences. One thing is for certain; AC/DC knew exactly what they were talking about when they wrote “Its A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock & Roll)”. Never a truer word was ever sung.

The First Gig

“It was awesome and we nailed it, man”.

Most of us remember our first ventures onto the lighted stage. Some may have been a roaring success and others a frustrating disappointment. For this writer, the first show was at a sports club and featuring a captive audience. They could not escape. They hid behind tables, they ran for the exits, or they dealt with the barrage, bought another drink and got involved.

Yes, there were lots of friends and family there so it felt like a success of sorts. The true reality test was actually gig number two!

The Follow Up Gig

“Is there anybody out there?”.

Hmm. Not so many people there this time, where did we go wrong. Sis was washing her hair, Mum and Dad had urgent gardening duties, there was a party on somewhere, and the gig tanked. A familiar story no doubt, but one that is designed to build resilience by tough real-life experience.

Word Of Mouth

“People will never know if you don’t tell them”.

The ultimate truth when it comes to bands is that genuine word of mouth praise and recommendations are priceless. You may only have two paying punters at your gig, but they paid their money and deserve your respect. Win them over, put on your best show and watch them bring their friends back, and their friends and so on.

That has always been the way for young start-up bands. It can take time to build an audience, but the great thing about winning an audience is that they become loyal fans that stick around.

There Are So Many Bands Out There

“Build it and the people will come”.

Yes, it is true, there are lots of good bands trying to lure fans to their next show. Tough competition! Why should they come to your gig? Punters are unlikely to magically appear from nowhere you have to find ways to capture their imagination.

This is true for any band no matter how big the profile of the Artist. A punter deciding between the Foo Fighters and Queen has a tough decision to make, and so it goes for your band vs the other hopefuls playing the local beer barns.

The Numbers Game

“One and one is two, two and two is four…”.

Simple math tells us that the more things you put in place the more likelihood there is that you may get a result. There are many free ways to spread the word. The most popular being your social media pages. Yes, social media is also saturated with all kinds of everything, but well-crafted images, videos and blogs can only help your cause. Keep things interesting and get your friends to share things about. You have to start somewhere, and the first step is to make an effort.

Making The Difference

That is one of the principles of Gig Sauce, to help you build your numbers up and be seen. We are only too happy to get behind your band so don’t be afraid to ask us for help. Post your gigs, share them on your socials and see what happens. It may only be a small difference you make, but if you pick up even one passionate fan then you have had a win because as we previously discussed, people TALK! We want them talking about you, so do be sure to take advantage of every opportunity.

In simple terms: 10 Tips To Make A Difference

  1. Create your social media band profiles
  2. Get your besties on board, invite them all!
  3. Use great photographs and video
  4. Write engaging band posts
  5. Play like you mean it no matter how small the audience, you never know who may be watching!
  6. Treat your fans with respect
  7. Treat other bands on bills you are on with respect
  8. Don’t be backwards in coming forwards, no ask no get
  9. Be honest in your performance appraisals, be the best you can and always strive to improve your art
  10. If you really believe then you can do it!

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