Eastwinds “Confluence” CD Launch – Northbridge

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Date(s) - 12/06/2018
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Ellington Jazz Club - Perth


Eastwinds “Confluence” CD Launch – Northbridge

“Following up on the sold-out April show!”.

Don’t miss Eastwinds Confluence CD Launch at The Ellington in Northbridge. Treat yourself to a world-class group of musicians playing their unique brand of music.

There is really is nothing like Eastwinds in Perth, or beyond: multicultural roots/jazz/folk with influences from the Baltic to Persia, driving beat-box didgeridoo and a free spirit of improvisation.

WAM Song Of The Year Winners…

WAM SOTY winners (World category) 2016 and nominees for best band, 2017. Help them celebrate the South-of-the-River launch of their second CD “Confluence” featuring a mix of originals and Eastwindified traditional songs.

This event will be a sublime musical experience…

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Official Website: https://www.eastwindsmusic.com/

Official Press Release…

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Fremantle’s favourite Estonian-Iranian-Japanese-Anglo-Australian didge-driven world groove act Eastwinds is thrilled to be launching its second album Confluence at two upcoming shows: Kidogo Art House in Fremantle on Sunday 29 April 29, and at the Ellington on Monday 12 June.

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Bands are often described as unique combinations of this and that, but there is really is nothing quite like Eastwinds. They define terms like eclectic and diverse while staying true to their world roots instincts.

An uplifting aural experience; the meeting of a percussion and woodwind virtuoso from Iran; a golden-voiced improvising singer from Estonia; an astonishing beatboxing didgeridoo player from Japan; a veteran multi-string instrumentalist and former festival director from England; and an equally veteran Australian player, composer and creator of uncountable reed and woodwind instruments including, on rare special occasions, the infamous surgical glove bagpipes.

Throw into the mix some hot percussion, a vast global range of musical knowledge and interests, an infectious love of adventurous improvising, the haunting Persian ney (the end-blown flute beloved of Iranian dentists) and some truly shocking puns – stir in some of that mysterious Essence of Fremantle and you have Eastwinds!


The music takes you on a whimsical journey through jazz-inflected Norwegian lullabies, Estonian runic chants and distinct Persian grooves, didge-driven echoes of Turkish belly dance and Jewish weddings over jaw-harp drones en route to some mythical new-era Kasbah.

If that all sounds a bit unpredictable, it is, especially to the band, who commonly have no clue where it is actually going to end up. All in all, it’s a thoroughly joyful and inventive musical experiment that has no particular end in sight other than taking the audience somewhere they haven’t been before and bringing them back happy.


Eastwinds released its eponymously-titled debut recording in 2015. They have played at two of the country’s most prestigious folk festivals: Fairbridge Festival in WA, and the National Folk Festival in Canberra.

Their song Blame Lulu Peanuts (don’t ask) won the World Music category of the WAM Song of the Year for 2016, making history by becoming the first song in the Estonian language to achieve that honour. The following year, they were nominated for Best Band in the same category.


About Confluence:

“Persian music brings a spacious, sonic quality to the music, while the Balkans provides its drive and energy. The success of this recording is that it has so skilfully drawn from these traditions to create something new and fresh. It has an energy and beauty that owes to these music forms and to the skilful musicianship of the band.

There is an enormous variety of ideas here that takes the listener on a journey through unchartered waters. Sometimes sublime, sometimes surprising, but always engaging.”

David Walker
Former President, Australian Institute of Eastern Music, Sydney



Esfandiar Shahmir, ney (Persian flute) and daf (frame drum); Kristiina Maalaps, voice and jaw harp; Sanshi, digeridoo and cajon; Mark Cain, saxophones, shawm, claritubes, flutes, whistles, puns; Steve Barnes, guitar and guizouki, and Kieran Barnes, double bass.


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