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About Gig Sauce

A new all-inclusive WA gig guide. Listings are FREE and we encourage artists, agencies, managers, tour promoters and venues to upload gig information. Gig Sauce is for ALL public gigs and events in WA: original bands, cover bands, tours, open mic nights, DJs, karaoke: if it's on in a venue in WA, it's welcome at Gig Sauce!

Gig Sauce gives artists and event organisers a place to share their gigs online.

Here Are Some Important Reasons Why:

1. Information about gigs is everywhere, which means that, unless someone is looking for a show to go to is connected with you, they might miss your event listing.

Also, Facebook will only promote your events if you pay them. Unless you pay, you're not even guaranteed to get your event in front of people who have liked your page.

2. Band aficionados that do go to gigs want to be able to find out what's on in one easy place. The Gig Sauce website provides just that.

So, getting your gigs on Gig Sauce makes sense because it's free, it gets your gigs online in one central place, and we'll plug them here on our Facebook page.

We also give you the option of including a photo, location details, ticketing links and plenty of information about your event.

3. For extended reach and engagement why not try our Featured Event offer. We give you a homepage slider banner, event blog page and a paid Facebook boost on the GigSauce page.

The goal is to get fans to your gigs, or in pub manager parlance, to get 'bums on seats'. Let us give you push.

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